When Riverside Transmission Center rebuilds your Transmission, there’s no fear of a defective replacement unit. And because it’s rebuilt using the original unit or re-manufactured exchange by an on-site expert technician.

Our technicians will completely disassemble your Transmission, rebuild it with quality parts, thoroughly clean and inspect your Transmission’s internal and external components. Then we will reinstall your Transmission, refill the fluid, make any external adjustments and road test to ensure all of the problems you noticed are corrected.

You get peace of mind that your transmission has been rebuilt to factory specifications, exacting quality standards and backed with a warranty.

Do you fix it or replace it ?

Discover the “real” cost of a new car and you’ll see the value in having your current car expertly repaired at Riverside Transmission Center.

Does your vehicle require a Transmission or major repair?

At this time, some customers begin to think, “This car’s not worth it, I’ll just buy a new one.” If you’re like one of these customers, it’s important to understand the true costs of buying a new vehicle (even a used vehicle) before going down that path. You’ll see that a guaranteed Rebuilt Transmission in your current vehicle makes a lot more sense (and saves a lot more dollars).